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Check out Ronnie Goodman’s training ground and learn why running is so important: “Because It Sets You Free.”

On July 27th Ronnie Goodman will run the Second Half of the San Francisco Marathon to increase awareness and raise critical funds for Hospitality House. Embrace the spirit of human achievement. Empower yourself to make a difference.…

Every runner has a reason. What’s yours?

Film by Heist Runner Has A Reason

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Phase One Capture One Pro

In this tutorial I’ll be giving you an overview of everything you need to know to start working with Phase One’s Capture One Pro 7. We’ll talk about working with sessions and catalogs, customizing the interface, importing images and tethered capture, culling, raw processing and exporting out to Photoshop.

Motion Sickness – How Not to F- Up Your Next Photo/Video Shoot

I’m big-time stoked to bring to my blog a heavy hitter in the world of adventure storytelling. Corey Rich has done commercial work for everyone from Apple and Adidas to SI and Outside. He has an eagle eye for the shot, both for still and motion, and I’ve invited him here to give you all a little what-for on the topic of transition from still photography to motion film [hint: it ain’t about hitting ‘record’ and letting the talent do all the work]. Why Corey? Not only is he a bad-ass at what he does, he’s also going to be instructing a three-day course at creativeLIVE next week [deets below]. Check it out LIVE RIGHT NOW HERE. Class is in session. Take it away, Corey.

Read whole article here: Motion Sickness – How Not to F- Up Your Next Photo/Video Shoot

How to Replace a Sky in Photoshop!

This week is PHAN WEEK here on Phlearn! Everyday this week we will be editing an image submitted by a Phamily member! Today’s image is brought to us by Clayton Powers. Congrats Clayton and thank you for being a PHAN!

Speedlite Crash Course: Mastering Portraits and Action Sports With Small Strobes